Our Golden Gang

Welcome to my blog. I have been blogging since 2009 on the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland web site. Now that I’ve left the rescue’s board I realize that I still want to have a place to post and save good information about providing the best care for my pups and yours, so voila! Here we go. 


Making a List


Leaving for a Caribbean cruise with my daughter on Saturday. As always I’m excited to travel, but will miss my pups.

Joe, their dad, will be home with them so I’m making a list of dog care reminders.

I have to chuckle as he’s already talking about coming home early or taking afternoons off to be with them and to take care of them.

Our pups are so fortunate. They don’t spend much time alone other than when I go to yoga class or run errands.

I feel bad for those pups who spend 10 or more hours alone every work day. I know people have to work, but pups could be taken to doggy day care or have a pet sitter or neighbor come over to let them out or take to grandmas.

Here’s a good article from Whole Dog Journal on How Long is Too Long.

Too Long

Happy Holidays

Christmas critters

It’s bitter sweet to look back over the Christmases to see which dogs were in our lives. This year we are missing Madeline. She loved opening Christmas presents. So grateful for our fur kids who have shared our holidays, our lives, with us over the years.

Keagan, Menia, Ruby Tuesday, Riley and Al the Cat say “Happy Holidays to you and yours.”