Our Golden Gang

Welcome to my blog. I have been blogging since 2009 on the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland web site. Now that I’ve left the rescue’s board I realize that I still want to have a place to post and save good information about providing the best care for my pups and yours, so voila! Here we go. 


Blog Versus Facebook

Madeline Aug 23

I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday because I like to see Facebook memories each morning when I look at my phone.

What I don’t like are all the condolences.

So, maybe I’ll post here on my blog.

Not looking for sympathy; just want to remember my challenging Madeline.

She had a great day today.



snarled at the other dogs who wanted to eat the bird seed the birds knock out of the feeder.

had a bath.

went for a walk.

insisted on being brushed.

barked at the neighbors.

In general a good day I want to remember.

A Little Scare

Maddie blog Aug 22

Ten days after her hemangiosarcoma diagnosis, Maddie gave us a scare yesterday. She was pretty quiet all day, but ate and drank. We went to get ice cream at Bruster’s instead of a walk since it was hot and Maddie seemed tired.

She didn’t eat her ice cream which isn’t terribly unusual as she associates ice cream with car sickness. She used to get car sick when she was young even on short trips to get ice cream.

We got home and sat in the yard for a while as the sun went down. Maddie will usually face the road and be “on guard duty” to protect us. She opted to lay beside me instead.

At bedtime she refused a treat from Joe. We checked her gums, they are mildly pale, but not white or sticky as is one of the signs of a bleed.

Ears and paws warm.

No limping.

Tummy no more distended than usual.

Lethargy and hiding away………yes.

We woke up several times during the night to check on her.

I was afraid I’d wake up and she would have crossed Rainbow Bridge.

She’s still with us this morning, thank goodness.

Ate breakfast and our morning treat.

I suspect we will have several more scares along this journey.

Love you sweet pea, my Maddie.

How Dogs Signal Pain

Madeline Easter 2.jpgSince Madeline’s cancer diagnosis last week, my goal is to give her a pain free life for whatever time she has left.  Since we were able to stop her spleen bleed, the only one of these I see is some social isolation. She is sleeping in the bathroom more. It could be because she is in pain, needs more rest or simply that it’s cooler in there.

This information was part of an article showed up in my email today.
Dogs don’t use language to communicate, and most don’t even use their voices much in general. So, unlike in humans, listening for sounds might not be your best strategy to know if your dogs in pain.

Here are the other signs that might signal your dog is in pain:
Limping ALWAYS means your dog is in pain
Doesn’t want to be touched
Resistance to using a certain area of the body.
Bunny-hopping (it looks cute, but it’s not normal)
Vocalizing (whimpering, whining, yelping) for “no reason,” particularly when lying still or standing still
Unusual Panting
Unusual Trembling
Resistance to climbing stairs or getting up on furniture
Guarding: hunching over as in a stomach ache
Straining to urinate or defecate
Listless or apathetic behavior
Lack of appetite
Lack of engagement (isolating, withdrawn, refusing to play or walk)
If you see any of these signs, it could mean your dog is experiencing some measure of pain, and you should get it figured out so you can address it.