Is Your Dog Afraid of Storms?

Is Your Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms?I love thunderstorms. However, if you have a pup who is afraid you may watch the weather like a hawk and dread a prediction of storms. We are so fortunate as none of my five goldens is afraid of thunderstorms. But we’ve been there in the past.

Remember Thunder Shirts? Storm Defending Capes? Rescue Remedy? Flower essences? Nutraceuticals? I’ve used them all. So many “treatments” that only worked for a handful of dogs.

If your pup simply hides behind the sofa or in a closet when it is storming, let them be. They are being smart and finding a safe place to ride the storm out.

If, however, your pup is a droolie, trembling mess I have a couple of recommendations that have worked for many dogs.

Melatonin is the cheapest. A bottle from Target costs about $4. It comes in 3 and 5 milligrams. Get 5 mg size for a golden retriever size dog and toss it in their food for give with a treat when there is a prediction of a storm.

CBD oil is pricey if you get the good stuff that is more likely to work. Get the liquid and not the treats as if your pup is already freaking out by a sudden storm or weather that feels like it could storm to your dog (It may be a beautiful sunny day to you.) they are not going to eat a treat. Simply lift your pups lip and squeezed 3 – 5 drops in. You can use more drops if needed. Wait at least 15 minutes between dosages. Sorry this isn’t more precise, but according to my vet, right now dosing is more of an art than a science. Buy CBD oil from petabis or cannapet. My vet recommends them – something about “cold processing.” His explanation pretty much went over my head.

If neither of these options work and your dog is really a threat to himself such as leaping out of windows, talk with  your vet. Ask for an anti-anxiety medication NOT a  sedative, as with a sedative your dog still experiences the storm, but is too drugged to react which makes your pup even more fearful.

Play lullabies. Turn of directv if it’s making those god awful squeaking noises. Eat treats. Practice sits and downs. It’s okay to comfort your pup, but use cheerful distractions if the fear isn’t extreme.

Let me know what works for you.


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