My Doggy First Aid Kit

We have five golden retrievers and a cat. I can’t afford $200 to go to the vet for minor problems. I thought I’d share some of my favorite dog first aid supplies:

1. I use Zymox at the first sign of an ear infection. It treats yeast and bacterial infections. Does not cause hearing loss and cost less than $20.


2. For hot spots, I’m fortunate a vet gave me something called “Chinese Dirt” which I still have, but when I run out, I will use gold bond powder. Goal is to dry out a hot spot. This works.


3. For Ruby’s yeasty feet, I use Joe’s athletes’ foot spray….lotrimin. Works great and about $6. Same ingredient as the pads the vet prescribes.


4. I always keep antibiotics on hand. I mostly use “Fish Flex” which is chephalexin – the antibiotic most often prescribed by vets for skin issues….hot spots, dog bites, oozing rashes. Buy online for about $20 for 30 capsules.


5. Lots of gunk in your pup’s eye? I use Terramycin, an inexpensive OTC gel that gets rid of eye infections…..also often prescribed by vets.


6. We have a tube of Neosporin attached to our refrigerator we use it so often for both dogs and people and our cat. Antibiotic cream for scrapes, cuts, after we pull off a tick.


7. Trim nails too short….we try not to, but if it happen Joe hollers, “Bring some flour!”


9. Itchy dog or me or Joe? Benadryl is my go to antihistamine. A dog can take one table per each 25 lbs of body weight 3 x per day. Note not all dogs respond to it, so if that is the case we have zyrtec and claritin and clemastine furmate…..


10. If you have a dog who is afraid of thunderstorms or vet visits or just needs to chill, give a Melatonin or CBD oil.


11. CBD oil helps with pain and anxiety for pets and people.

And finally, I’ve had to use these items twice as apparent cinnamon RAISEN bagels are not only my favorite, but my dogs’ favorite. Three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide every 15 minutes up to three times saved me a trip to the ER vet and a few hundred dollars.

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