“Bad Dogs”


Someone on the rescue’s board recently told me my dogs are “bad”. I know I should take this with a grain of salt as she only adopts the perfect young female goldens, but it stung.

My dogs are not bad. They were rejected by others.

Menia (left) came from China last year. Her foster to adopt family decided after 6 weeks she was “too hard”. The next family who adopted her sent her back after 3 days because she and the resident dog didn’t play. Without meeting her Joe said we will adopt her.

Madeline (beside Menia) is a resource guarder. In the wild she would be a survivor. Actually, she is a survivor. As a pup she was sold on the side of the road to someone in DC. She peed submissively when frightened. They sold her on Craig’s List to a family with a house full of young children who jumped on her, pulled her tail, took toys from her. They gave her to the rescue because she was “too much” and we fostered her. We adopted her and weren’t going to move her again.

Ruby Tuesday (second row right) was purchased to be a hunting dog. Owner penned her out back as a tiny pup, and when she was about a year gave her away as she wouldn’t hunt. She was terrfied of the world. The vet tech who took her could not get her in the house for a week as she ran around the fenced back yard. She ran away from her first foster home. She urinated and deficated if you touched her when she came to our house as a foster pup……for months. We couldn’t let her be adopted after a year in foster care with us, and she became a Johnson.

Riley, (second row middle) was kept outdoors with over 100 other dogs in a place called Death Row Doggies. Totally unsocialized. It took YEARS for him to want to be petted.  Several potential adopters came to meet Riley. He wouldn’t go to any of them. No one wanted him, but we did.

And Keagan, (second row left) is from a breeder. He is supposed to be our confident canine leader, but he’s a bit reserved, so he plays well with everyone, but leading tends to be done by Madeline.

They have all been to training. They walk well on leash. They come when called. They bark. They counter surf. Riley nips at thighs and butts when he is excited and doesn’t have a toy in his mouth. Madeline growls at everyone.  Ruby wishes we would never have visitors or go anywhere.

Ruby also LOVES to dive into the pool.

Madeline smiles and gives the best kisses.

Menia is full of puppy antics.

Riley comes to get petted and LIKES to be petted now.

Keagan brings in the groceries.

Ruby, Maddie, Menia, Riley and Keags are NOT bad dogs. No longer Rejected dogs. They are LOVED dogs. They are our fur kids.




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