Missing Them Already

my rescue pups

We don’t leave for two days and I’m already feeling sad because my pups can’t go with me. These three are watching me pack. Look at those faces. Keagan and Menia are out chewing on each other.

Joe is going to Hawaii for a work meeting and I decided to tag along.

Seemed like a good idea months ago, but now I’m second guessing myself.

We have a competent pet sitter who has sat with them several times before. She spends the night here and two hour long visits during the day. Everyone is healthy so we won’t be worrying about any health issues. I’ve almost finished writing the detail list of instructions. Making and freezing kongs. Meds labeled. Treats and new toys (without squeakers) purchased.

But Hawaii is FAR away. We will be away from them longer than we both have ever been.  I rarely left my human kid when she was growing up. It feels the same to leave……

I miss them already.

One thought on “Missing Them Already

  1. That’s why I have never left Marlee. Wouldn’t be able to enjoy the trip for missing her. My husband has traveled to Italy several times and I have opted to stay home…my friends think I am crazy . Now he doesn’t go either, lol

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