What is Your Plan if Something Happens to You?


We all expect we will outlive our pups, but stuff happens. When I was rescuing we often got dogs into rescue whose owners died, were terminally ill or elderly or in need of support and had to move in with relatives or go to an assisted living facility.

Most of these folks would be horrified if they learned how their beloved family members were shuffled around until they (hopefully) made it to rescue and ultimately to a new home.

My daughter says she will take my five goldens and my senior cat, but realistically, it would be very difficult for her.

We have promised her (and ourselves) we will get down to two small dogs as we get older.

If you do not have family members like my daughter who are willing to take on your fur family, you need to talk with friends, neighbors, your vet or contact a local rescue and make arrangements with them. Create a trust fund for your pup.

Please don’t plan to euthanize a perfectly healthy dog or cat upon your death as I recently read about. Dogs and cats can find happiness with a new family.

If something happens to you your pups will need immediate attention. Ask your neighbors if they will care for your critters until your permanent solution is available. Keep info about who to contact in your wallet. Post information about your dogs on your refrigerator. Include: vet name and number, your permanent caretaker’s contact information, medications, feeding instructions, etc.

Caring for dogs is expensive. Make sure you set up a fund to compensate whomever cares for your pets.

There are lots of good articles on how to care for your pets when you cannot online. If you have a lawyer, they can help you with a trust for your pets.

As you age, don’t take on companion animals who will likely outlive you. Adopt older pets or become a foster family for your local rescue.

We think we will live forever, but we wont. Make sure your fur family members are cared for.


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