Happy Gotcha Day Madeline

Madeline Gotcha Day

I’m a little slow, but yesterday was Madeline’s Gotcha Day. Without Facebook memories, I wouldn’t have know. I can’t remember what I walk into a room for, so remembering dates from 10 years ago isn’t happening.

I just know this little beauty came to our lives when we needed her most. My first golden Steve, and his brother, Cap, had just crossed Rainbow Bridge within a few weeks of each other.

We were heartbroken, even though Holly and Anna were still with us and we were fostering Rip and Skip.

Maddie has been a challenging girl as in spite of her blustery growls and barks, she’s timid and has been scary and mean to foster dogs which is why we are currently not fostering. But she is also the most loving girl who is my protector and we love her dearly.

Here she is now, with her white face

Madeline Gotcha Day 10 years


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