Too Young to Say Goodbye To


This little guy was only 15 months old. I didn’t know him, but it shook me to see a pup so young dying from Dilated Cardiomyopathy. The post say he was diagnosed at less than a year. After eating a grain free, boutique diet until his diagnosis, his food was changed and medications given, but still he died.

I don’t know the answers to the food issue and golden retrievers. I suspect DCM is what my Harry died of as he ate a grain free, kibble free diet. I fed my pups K 9 Cravings and Honest Kitchen, both full of potatoes. Potatoes are a suspect ingredient in DCM.

We’ve added a kibble to our guys diet. A kibble I never would have thought I’d feed made by Purina. We no longer feed foods with potatoes or other suspect ingredients, but researchers are sure WHAT the issue is. They only know there is an increase in goldens dying of DCM and there are some correlations in the types of foods fed.

I cannot believe processed kibble with nutrients sprayed on is better for my pups than whole, healthy foods, so until researchers find the answers, I will stumble along trying to find a combination of heart healthy kibble and wholesome ingredients to keep my goldens healthy.

Let’s hope the answer is found soon as 15 month old babies should not be dying. Run free at the Bridge handsome Joey.

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