No Fear Fireworks


Fireworks are going off around us. Can you tell?

We’ve had a couple of pups who were afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms so we feel for you if you live with a dog who is afraid of loud noises.

Since all five of my pups are on the timid side, we are amazed we’ve been able to acclimate them to loud noises. We kept storms and the 4th “fun” – music or TV, good treats, new toys, CBD oil or calming pheromones if needed. Joe and I don’t go away to see fireworks or participate in a protest as we wanted to last night.

My Ruby Tuesday gets worried if a really loud thunderstorm happens after we’ve gone to bed, and if she is not in bed with us already, I will tell her to come up and snuggle and we are fine.

Hope you had a good Independence Day Celebration. Fortunately, Trump’s speech wasn’t too partisan, so ours was restful.

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