Keagan Has a Bump


We have a 1 pm appointment to get a bump checked out. It’s not very big, but bumps can mean big, bad cancer in a golden retriever.

Keagan’s brother Kirby, has a bump. His bump is cancer. The surgery to remove it did not get all the cancer and follow  on options are too harsh. Keagan’s bump is on his right arm near his elbow… would be almost impossible to get clean surgical margins.

So I know little bumps can be MAST CELL TUMORS.

I’ve tried to put the thought out of my head. Told myself I’m silly to worry.

But little bumps can be life changing.

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I took this picture of Keagan in “his” spot and couldn’t help but wonder if this is the last photo of him before cancer.

We should know more soon.


One thought on “Keagan Has a Bump

  1. Sending love from brother Kirby. We’re on our way to the vet in a few minutes to HOPEFULLY get the staples out – 24 days after surgery. This has been a very difficult spot to try to heal, and I can’t imagine trying to do an even deeper surgery here. Please let me know what you find out about Keagan Jr. Sending all our best thoughts, hugs and love.


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