Pet Prescription Sticker Shock


Good news yesterday is that Keagan’s bump is likely not cancer, but a hair follicle cyst. Vet prescribed an antibiotic cream after he scraped off most of the keratin on and around the cyst.

To celebrate our good news, we went home and picked up the rest of the pups and went to Bruester’s for ice cream.

We were near Target so I ran in to the pharmacy to drop off Keagan’s prescription while Joe sat in the van. When I asked the cost they said $53 and some change, so I decided to look around as I didn’t realize Target pharmacies are now CVS pharmacies which are always so expensive.

Told Joe to drop me off at Walmart as aren’t they supposed to be cheap? Well NOOOOOO. They quoted $63 and some change.

So now I’m on a quest. Go to our regular pharmacy to get it filled no matter what the cost. Pharmacist there said he just got a new pet discount card today. Tried it and he said NOOOOO. He then said let me try a couple of other things.

While he did that, I remembered the TV commercial for Good Checked out the site and low and behold…….


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