Keagan’s Comfy Spot


Okay, I’m embarrassed to post this photo of a dirty floor, with a dirty wall and dirty built in shelfing, but when I thought Keagan might have cancer, this spot warmed my heart.

Since Keagan was a puppy he would go to this spot as the other dogs laid down. I always thought it was because he did not want us to put him in a crate when we were going out before he was potty trained.

But he still lays here now. Every day.


Here he is in his equivalent to your dad’s lazy boy.

Dogs and human’s alike need their safe spot – a place to rest, reflect and be comfortable.

It’s especially important for timid dogs to have their spot.

My pups all have their “places”:

Madeline’s day time place is under the living room table. Her evening place is on the floor on my side of the bed even though I wish she would sleep on one of the dog beds or with us with her back issues.

Ruby Tuesday’s place is on the sofa and on her dog bed on Joe’s side of the bed.

Riley’s safe spot is the sofa and our bed. Most days he even eats in his safe spot.

Keagan’s night time place is on the air vent on Joe’s side of the bed in the summer (It’s cool.) and a few feet down in front of the sliding glass door in the winter.(It’s cooler than the heat vent.)

And Menia claimed Joe’s chair when he’s not in it as her spot. She’s a bit all over at night, but tends to lay near Madeline or on our bed.

Where is your pup’s Lazy Boy spot?

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