Keagan Sr

Joe and I aren’t very original when we name our dogs.

We named Harry after his grandfather who was “Harrison”. We named Keagan after his dad (who was also Harry’s dad, Keagan Sr. This is him when he was a youngster.

Here’s a photo of our Keagan Jr. when he was a kid.

Keagan Jr

I took a lot of heat as the founder of a golden rescue group for buying two goldens from a breeder. They didn’t understand the foster dogs I adopted were adopted by default. They were badly impacted by their horrible previous owners…..and one didn’t have a previous owner.

I needed confident canine companions for the many dogs coming into our home as a foster family.

Both Harry, who has now crossed Rainbow Bridge, and Keagan, have always been kind resident dogs to our guests and a great sibling to Madeline, Ruby Tuesday, Riley and Menia – all timid guests who stayed.

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