Dog Food: Mix It Up!

48334_MAIN._AC_SS300_V1532988422_My Maddie gets monthly acupuncture sessions with our vet who stays with us the entire hour. Needless to say I use my time to learn as much as I can about all kinds of vet topics.

This week he shared an article from Dr. Becker with me regarding the current health scare for goldens and other breeds of Nutritional Dilated Cardiomyopathy. While not a certified nutritionists, my vet owns a pet food store so is acutely in tune with this issue.

blog 2He has reviewed all of the cases of DCM reported to the FDA. He says most of the dogs had been eating the same food that caused their DCM for YEARS. He believes dog owners should rotate proteins, carbs and PET FOOD COMPANIES at minimum three times per year for a couple of reasons:

  1. Even companies who do food trials only do those trials on a small number of dogs for a very short time (weeks not months or years). It could take a year or more to learn a dog food is not providing enough of a certain vitamin or mineral to your pups.
  2.  How would YOU like to eat the same food day in and day out? Most dogs don’t either!

Until the FDA learns specifically what the link between dog food and DCM is, I’m playing it safe and avoiding foods with all peas and all potatoes as these two ingredients are commonly fed to dogs with DCM.

blog 3

My pups are currently eating the foods pictured on this blog….. canned, frozen in their kong, kibble, raw and an air dried food that kind of looks like jerky… a couple of home prepared meals each week.

blog 4

We chuckled as Madeline came home yesterday after having 5 teeth extracted (raw marrow bone, but that’s another blog post). I personally would not have wanted to eat a thing, but Maddie came home and was HUNGRY and ate her home prepared and canned food like she hadn’t eaten all day………as she hadn’t.

My pups LOVE to eat. If they ever do not want to eat,  I know we have a problem.

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