Hemangiosarcoma Shock

Madeline Aug 11

Well our vet trip yesterday was quite the shock. Madeline would not eat breakfast, she seemed lethargic and her breathing was somewhat labored, so I scheduled a vet appt.

Since she had just had 5 teeth extracted a few days ago we assumed there was an issue with that; however, her extraction areas were healing nicely.

It was clear Madeline was feeling bad as she didn’t bark at anyone in the vet clinic. An ultrasound showed a 10 cm tumor in her spleen that was bleeding into the spleen, but not into her abdomen. Vet is almost certain hemangiosarcoma (tumors in blood vessels)  – an aggressive cancer.

Options and prognosis:

  1. Surgery to removed the spleen. 1 – 3 months survival.
  2. Surgery to removed the spleen and chemo. 6 months.
  3. Treat with Chinese herbs. 1 – 12 months.

One of our goldens, Cap, had a spleen tumor that was benign, and even though it was benign, he never seemed to fully recovery from the surgery he had to remove it when he was 11. Since we know a golden, Millie Huey, who has lived with this cancer and Chinese herbs for 18 months, we went this option.

I had recently ordered Yunnan Baiyao to have on hand just in case as this cancer is common in goldens. I never expected to need it a few days after it arrived in the mail.

We picked up Wei Qi today.

And someone who runs a Facebook group for dogs diagnosed with this cancer highly suggested we add Ping Xiao.

So three herbs and tweaking Madeline’s diet to lightly cook her raw food to make it more digestible and no more carbs is our treatment plan.

No more Gumby Bears for Madeline. They are our little guilty pleasure.

The herbs worked quickly as Madeline came home and ate a big dinner, slept well and her breathing is much better.

We went for a short walk this morning, to Roy Rogers for chicken strips (her favorite restaurant) and then she did a lap in the pool. (She’s still wet in this photo.) We’re resting now.

We realize Madeline with likely not be with us for a long time. We cancelled our whale watching trip that was scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. We are going to enjoy the time we have left together.

Thank you for your good wishes. We do believe in the power of prayer and Madeline is proof yours helped her feel better yesterday.


(And not to worry, Maddie isn’t chewing this yak hide. She’s just ensuring no one else gets it until her mouth fully heals from her extractions.



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