The Roller Coaster of Hemangiosarcoma

Maddie 827

After a pretty good weekend with nice fall like weather, Madeline woke up and didn’t want to eat this morning.

After Joe coaxed her, she ate some and went back to bed.

Joe woke me up to tell me Maddie wasn’t feeling well, but she was sleeping after her abbreviated breakfast so we just let her sleep.

When I got up it was clear she still didn’t feel well. I checked her gums and they were a little light, but I could still see some pink so I thought she might just be having an off day.

Tried to give her water or bone broth, but she said, “No thank you to both.”

I cleaned house for a while periodically checking on her. Her gums appeared to be paler so I gave “the little red emergency” yunnan baiyio and had to use a turkey injector to mix the yellow powder and water and squirt it in her mouth.

She just lay in the corner all morning, but did drink a bit of water likely to wash the yunnan out out of her mouth. She turned down grilled chicken, chicken liver, steak, – every thing I offered.

After a couple of hours she still didn’t seem better. Joe called to check on her and asked, “What meds does she really have to take?” Honestly, just the mushroom supplement which is in treat form and she won’t eat either.

We hung up and I gave her another little red pill and tried to use bone broth to wash it down. Maddie was too smart for me this time and clenched her jaws down. Most of the yellow powder and bone broth splatted on the floor.

I reminded her that April and Kevin are coming this weekend and if she can hang around we will take her to the outer banks in October – just her. She could be the only dog for the first time in her life.

I also told her if she needed to cross Rainbow Bridge, it is okay.

Late in the afternoon, we went outside to see if she had to potty. No potty and no interest in being outside. She just wanted to be petted and rest. So in we went.

Joe came home at his regular time around 330 p and she got up to meet him at the door.

We went outside and she seemed more alert.

We went back inside to start making dog and human dinner.

And MADDIE came into the kitchen as she wanted some chicken . She also ate her mushroom supplement treat. Once dinner was ready, she ate all of the chicken, some egg and some kale.

She’s tired, but will live another day.


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