Not Today

Maddie sept 9 2019

Joe gets up really early to go to work so he feeds the dogs. This morning, as many it seems recently, he wakes me up to tell me Madeline won’t eat or take her Chinese herbs.

He gave her a couple of pieces of chicken and that was all she would take.

For the next three hours I lay in bed listening to Madeline breathing heavily at times and then drifting back off to sleep.

Yesterday Joe and I did a quality of life assessment with her and according to the assessment she wasn’t quite ready for euthanasia as she is still mobile and still eats some when hand fed. We are not sure if she is in pain, but she seems uncomfortable at times.

I sent Joe a message to see what time would be good for him to meet me at the vet if Maddie still wouldn’t eat this morning as it feels as though the time is near to help her cross Rainbow Bridge.

I got up and took a shower and sang the “Who wants meatballs song?” that I sing every morning as that is my pups morning snack. Maddie hasn’t eaten a meatball in over a week, so needless to say when I spilled the bag of meatballs and they tumbled all over the kitchen floor and Madeline was scarfing them up with the other dogs, I was surprised.

I continued to give her as many meatballs as she would eat. She probably had 10 altogether!

I called Joe and said, “We may need to help her cross this week, but I don’t think today is the day.”

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