Let Her Eat

Maddie 91019

After almost making an appointment to help Madeline cross Rainbow Bridge yesterday, then spilling meatballs which she gobbled up, Joe and I decided to quit giving her the Chinese herbs that may extend her life.

They seem to give her an upset tummy and she won’t eat anything with them in it which makes us have to inject them down her throat. Not an ongoing relationship we want to have with our girl.

So no meds yesterday. No meds today. She waited in the kitchen and chowed down dinner yesterday (that was after a lunch time snack of pulled pork left over from Joe’s dinner at Mission BBQ.)

This morning I woke up to my alarm as Joe did not wake me to tell me Madeline had not eaten as he has most mornings recently.

All five dogs shared my breakfast and lunch.

She seems like her old self…..growling at her siblings when they are doing something she doesn’t like, barking at the neighbors, going outside to guard the yard, AND she was looking for moles today. She’s famous for routing them out of our yard.

If we suspect a bleed we will follow the emergency protocol and are still giving CBD oil.

So, we may have less time with our girl, but she seems happier which makes us happier too.


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