Hemangiosarcoma Changes Your Perceptions

Madeline 915

Madeline is mole hunting this morning.

The evening before last Joe installed new smoke detectors. Riley started to act really weird like a dog who senses a thunderstorm, only he isn’t afraid of thunderstorms. We tried to soothe him and I gave him some CBD oil, but he was still afraid.

Joe fell asleep and I continued to watch TV. When I turned the tv off I realized what Riley was reacting to – the faint sound of a smoke alarm.

Now ALL five dogs were on the bed shaking.

I awoke Joe (which wasn’t easy) and told him one of the smoke alarms was going off on the other side of the house. I thought he had turned down the volume as it was faint, but obviously a smoke alarm.

After checking out all of the smoke alarms, none of which was going off, he found one of the old ones, in the trash, near the can of tuna cat food castoffs, screaming in the trash in the garage. He removed the battery and we had silence.

Everyone went back to their usual sleeping spots except Madeline. She was breathing heavily laying between Joe and me. We immediately thought she caused a spleen bleed by jumping up on the bed. (She’s not supposed to jump.)

We checked her ears and feet which were still warm. Her gums were pink. Yet she panted. And panted. Wouldn’t take water. We gave her CBD oil. She continued to pant.

We thought we were losing her.

For over an hour we lay with her. Rubbing her. Cooing that she is a good girl. Telling her we loved her. She could leave if she wanted to.

Then, she hopped off the bed, laid down, no more panting and went to sleep…….snoring.

Madeline doesn’t like to be hot. Our tempurpedic  mattress has always been too hot for her. We clearly have hemangiosacarcoma on our minds.


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