Until We Meet Again….

Maddie august 19

We said “Farewell” to our Madeline yesterday. We could not tempt her to eat…..grilled salmon, chicken, turkey breast, beef roast. She only ate the jerky I made for three days, and then did not want that any more.

Joe thought he could hear congestion in her lungs.

I could see she was tired.

Many were afraid of Maddie, but she loved us and we loved her. We knew she would not hurt another human. Dogs were another story.

Anticipatory grief was strong since her diagnoses of hemangiosarcoma on August 10th. I must admit it is a relief to no longer worry if today is the day she crosses Rainbow Bridge.

We sang her across, “Oh Sweet Pea. We love you Maddie B……”

She’s across. Joe got this song as a message today. God and Dog


4 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again….

  1. Many years ago, I lost precious Maggie — age 7 golden– to hemangiosarcoma. Once she was diagnosed, I had two months to say goodbye. She was a trooper, did the best she could and her younger golden sister, Leah, would not leave her side. We went to the park every day, and Maggie would receive constant visits from neighbors and strangers while Leah looked on. When it was time, I took her to the vet and she was sedated into a deep sleep and then put down. When I came home, Leah already understood. For two months she laid in Maggie’s favorite spot and was severely depressed. So was I. Leah gradually recovered, but was never quite the same. Me too. I saved Maggie’s favorite blanket and Leah slept on it for the rest of her life. Leah lived to be 15 years old and never forgot Maggie.

    I am sorry for your loss and understand.



  2. Thank you for sharing…Marlee is now 12 and a half. Reading your blog about Maddie was so relatable. Marlee looks just like her, but she is doing ok. The connection between God and Dog is so true – beautiful.


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