Maddie’s Home

Last Maddie

It was a long two weeks. I know the folks who cremate pick up from VCA St Mary’s on Mondays.  We didn’t help Madeline cross Rainbow Bridge until early evening, so I knew her body would be in the vet’s refrigerator for an entire week, and then another week before she would be returned.

We got the call while we were at my daughter, April’s, birthday breakfast in Williamsburg. When I saw the number I knew.

We asked Maddie to send a message when she was safely across the bridge. Joe drove to work the next morning and this was on his playlist God and Dog

So Madeline is safely across. I tried to pet her a couple of times in the night when I felt she was laying beside me; but she’s not physically there.

Not much has changed with our other pups. No one sits under the dinner table in Madeline’s spot. Occasionally I see Ruby Tuesday try out Maddie’s resting spot under the living room table, but she doesn’t stay.

Pups take turns laying where the console should be in the van which was Maddie’s riding place.

Dinner is quieter. No one lays in Madeline’s dinner spot. Guess they are adjusting too.

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