Nice Walk to Tummy Troubles

sick menia

We walked a good portion of the Three Notch Trail on Sunday and then went to Bruester’s for ice cream.

Came home and took a nap. I could immediately tell Menia wasn’t feeling well by the way she looked at me. Took her outside and she threw up.

Came in, got a drink of water and threw up again. Didn’t make it outside this time.  She really didn’t throw up anything but stinky water.

Over and over again.

And then wouldn’t eat dinner.

Tried to give her an oral cerinea (for vomiting) and she threw that up.

Called emergency vet clinic and they were not too concerned since she is a big dog. Told us to take up food and water until morning.

Well, in the middle of the night she begged for water, so I gave her a few sips and she kept it down.

But, she didn’t eat breakfast.

Thanx to our vet, Leslie Meadows, for squeezing her in.

Vet thought my girl who ate chicken heads and rice in China ate something that didn’t agree with her.

I was more worried about an obstruction since Menia has eaten an untold number of squeakers out of toys.

Examined her and found she had formed poop waiting to emerge made me rest a little easier.

A cerenia injection, blood work, with a plan to come back the next day for xrays is Menia didn’t eat.

All day and no interest in food.

better menia

Then dinner and she gingerly comes to the kitchen and EATS!

Bland diet for a few days.

Whew! If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

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