Good Job Menia!

Menia and me

Menia did her first ever home visit and she was PERFECT.  Since taking a break from rescue a few months ago, we hadn’t done anything other than give supplies and $ to a few local rescues.

MOMA’s, a group from South Carolina that adopts along the east coast, asked us to do a visit for a family in Piney Point who was interested in adopting an 8 week old puppy. (I’ve done visits for them before.)

The puppy they are interested in is a retriever mix, so likely will grow up to be about Menia’s size.

I expected Menia to get into everything as she does at home and the family would think twice about getting a puppy, but instead, she snuggled with the two very nice children and went to sleep!

I can see more home visits in Menia future.


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