Post Hemangiosarcoma

Ruby fairy

I ordered only two fairy costumes for my three golden girls. Madeline had been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and, even though my vet thought Maddie had a good chance to live months, maybe even a year, I did not.

(Here’s a good article about hemangiosarcoma I didn’t read until after Maddie crossed the bridge.

I felt bad about buying only two costumes, but I knew Maddie well and knew she had been ill for a while. First she injured her neck, then it was discovered she had fractured two teeth.  Only four days after her teeth extractions (five altogether) she was diagnosed. She had a few good days, but none were 100%.

We have slowly adjusted to life without Madeline, but we miss her. I know she now a beautiful fairy and doesn’t need a costume!

Menia halloween 2019

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