Emergency Plan

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A few nights after returning home from my trip with my daughter Joe wakes me at 230 am and tells me he thinks he’s having a heart attack.

I give him an aspirin.

Call 911. They ask for my call back number and I can’t remember my phone number!

Turn inside and outside lights on.

Get dressed.

Dogs put away (was hard as they wanted to be with Joe).

While waiting for the ambulance I put kibble down for the dogs since I’m not sure how long I’ll be away.

Ambulance arrives. Load Joe into ambulance.

Follow ambulance that stops. I freak a bit. Call 911 to learn EMT met ambulance and is checking Joe out.

Get to ER which is packed. Joe put in a storage room.

EKG and blood test good. LUNGS are the issue. He went to the doctor a month ago with a cold that didn’t get better.

Whoa! We dodged a bullet.

If Joe had had a heart attack he would have been sent “up the road” to Baltimore or Washington DC. Both are a two hour drive one way, so caring for the pups would be a challenge.

Fortunately I have a pet sitter as April was in Chicago for work.

If you don’t have a regular pet sitter who knows your pups’ routine, do you have a list of feeding and medication instructions readily available for whomever you might call on to care for your pets?

We try to use our pet sitter at least once a month as we have some timid pups who need to have a relationship before they will even come into the house let alone eat.

A good recall would have helped me get the pups into a room away from Joe as requested by the person who answered 911. Thank goodness they did not turn the sirens on as my pups would have been traumatized.

Please be sure to have a plan as you never know when you may need one.

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