About Me


This is me and my family. I’m on the bottom right.  I like to write and I like golden retrievers so blogging comes naturally.

We got our first golden when my daughter, April, (middle left) graduated from college and moved away. My husband, Joe, (bottom left) wanted a dog. I thought a cute little Bijon, but he wanted a “big” dog. I was kind of afraid of dogs.

We saw an ad in the Sunday paper advertising golden retriever puppies that would be available in 8 weeks, so we went to visit them and put a deposit down for the pick of the litter. We immediately bought the book, “Golden Retrievers for Dummies” and I’ve been eager to learn about this wonderful breed ever since.


That was in 1993. Six months later, we bought Holly as a puppy. Then we discovered rescue in 1994. We fostered for SEVA GRREAT when we lived in Norfolk. We moved to Maryland and fostered for GRREAT in 2002. I briefly volunteered with SMAWL, but quickly realized I was ga ga for goldens, and in 2006 filed the paper work to start Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland.

Joe and I lost count at 176 foster dogs.

We currently have five goldens and one cat who I will introduce you to in another post.