My Pups: Keagan Hero # 2031



Keagan is the only pup we’ve had since he was a wee pup, so we have lots of pictures of him. Here he is when he was a kid.

Keagan baby (2)

Here is a photo of him with his siblings getting their vet check before coming to live with us. He’s the darker one in the front row. We keep in touch with updates on his birthday in February. Keagan is 5 years old.

Keagan Aug 23 2017

Keagan is a “Hero” dog in the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study where 3044 dogs are being followed throughout their life to try to determine genetic, environmental and nutritional causes of cancer.

Keagan with paper 2

His special talents include carrying in groceries, the newspaper, my purse, the mail, Joe’s mug…..pretty much anything into the house. We can’t come home without something for Keagan, hence my purse if often toted by Keagan.

Keagan is like a bull in a China shop with enthusiasm. He’s a great playmate for his siblings. Everyone loves him!