My Pups: Madeline

Madeline puppy poster

Madeline aka Maddie, came to us the day Joe picked up our first golden, Steve’s ashes. Our first foster dog we adopted, Cappuccino had died 5 weeks earlier.

We knew the next foster dog who came to us would stay.

This little cutie was sold on the side of the road. When that didn’t work out, she was given to a Navy family with A LOT of VERY YOUNG children who were jumping all over her and teasing her with toys when Joe went to base housing to pick her up and bring her to rescue….us. To this day, Maddie does not like kids.

The Navy family gave her up because they could not house train her. It was obvious she had a UTI and once treated house trained easily.

Facebook recently reminded me her Gotcha Day is June 17, 2009, so Madeline’s been a part of our family for 10 years.

For several years Maddie was the fun sister with new foster and resident pups. Here she is teaching Harry, a resident pup, who has since crossed Rainbow Bridge, learn to dig.

Maddie and Harry

Our older, resident golden at the time, Holly, was not a fan of Maddie and bullied her. When Holly crossed Rainbow Bridge, Maddie took on the role of bully in our family as she became a resource guarder with other dogs. She has to “go to the back” with the vet as she protects me at the office or at a dog park.

This behavior made it challenging to bring other dogs into our home, but we did for a long time, and then almost two years ago decided it wasn’t fair to foster dogs or Madeline.

Madeline is fine with the rest of the pack – even Menia who we fostered and adopted as Menia was in need of a family after two had failed her.

Many people asked us why we didn’t “get rid” of Madeline especially when we had to give up our small deaf dog, Violet, due to Madeline hurting her more than once.

Maddie 10.5

We commit to a dog when we bring them to our home. We found a wonderful home for Violet. Madeline would have been much harder to rehome and had been with us for years.

A few months ago she hurt her neck (probably humping Keagan) and now she is having some issues with her lower back that we are treating. She recently broke a tooth that will soon be extracted. She seems to be slowing down in general which makes me feel sad and guilty as there have been times I have thought how we would still be fostering, having puppy pool parties and keeping pups for friends when they travel if Madeline was more cooperative.

I won’t give Madeline up until she crosses Rainbow Bridge, then only reluctantly, and I hope that is many years away.