My Pups: Ruby Tuesday


In a past life, Ruby Tuesday must have been a mountain goat. She loves to climb. I remember when we went to a cabin in Maine, there were stairs down to the water, but did Ruby use them? No. She preferred to give me heart failure as she climbed the rocks to the beach.

Ruby Tuesday came to rescue eight years or so ago. Local owner bought her as a puppy, put her in a pen in the back yard and then gave her away on Craig’s List when she was terrified of everything and wasn’t a good hunting dog.

She has the nickname of Runaway Ruby as she jumped out of the car window of her first foster family, ran around their neighborhood for a couple of days and ultimately was trapped.

She is very afraid of children. We try to walk to avoid the school bus as when she sees it Ruby just wants to go home.


While Ruby Tuesday is afraid of lots of things, the water is not one of them. She is always in the pool. She loves to dive to retriever tossed tennis balls.

She is always the social butterfly with other dogs and every day engages play with her canine siblings.

She’s Joe’s hot water bottle as she sleeps pressed up against him every night; yet still runs back and forth in the back yard until Joe sits down. I think she’s trying to get him to play. Joe thinks it’s because he’s standing. If he sits. She stops barking.

My allergy girl. Managing yeasty ears, full anal glands and frito feet.

She’s our quirky girl who we are crazy about.