Need a Bigger Bed

Took the pups camping at Westmoreland State Park as we realized Menia had never been camping.

The dogs were great. Settled right into the little cabin.

Loved hiking with all the new smells.

However, Joe and I did not settle right in.

Taking four dogs out to potty in the rain in the black of night is miserable. Don’t know how people who don’t have fences manage.

And sharing a less than full size bed with four goldens pushed us out of our comfort zone!

So Menia had her first, and possibly last, camping adventure.

Paw Print Ornament


Before hanging up all the ornaments and wrapping the tree in tinsel, make sure to include your pet in the festivities by creating this one-of-a-kind keepsake. Making their paw print into an ornament is the perfect way to include them in the fun and to make your Christmas tree personal. Plus, it’s so easy to make!

What You Need:
1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1 cup lukewarm water
1 (or more) awesome pets
Mix the flour and salt in a bowl.
Slowly add the water until you get a doughy consistency. (Add more water if it’s too dry, more flour if it gets too wet.)
Knead into a ball.
Roll out the dough onto a cookie sheet.
Push your pet’s paw into the dough. (*Note: you may need to bribe them with a treat.)
Cut a circle around her print and make a hole for the ribbon.
Pop it in a 200 degree oven for about two hours.
Once cooled, decorate the ornament to fit your pet’s personality.

Heart Failure


Miss Menia had her 9 month cardiac recheck and it appears her low heart rate and pumping from her left ventricle is normal for her. She had another echocardiogram and Pro BNP blood test that measures whether or not her heart is working too hard. All normal.

Then the little punk followed her brother Riley off into the woods when we came back from our walk. Riley came right back. Menia did not as she was clearly lost. Joe walked the woods and I took the van down some of the dirt roads in the woods calling for her. Never saw her run so fast to get to the van. She was literally making crying noises as she ran to me. Her heart may be fine, but she gave Joe and me heart failure today!

Post Hemangiosarcoma

Ruby fairy

I ordered only two fairy costumes for my three golden girls. Madeline had been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and, even though my vet thought Maddie had a good chance to live months, maybe even a year, I did not.

(Here’s a good article about hemangiosarcoma I didn’t read until after Maddie crossed the bridge.

I felt bad about buying only two costumes, but I knew Maddie well and knew she had been ill for a while. First she injured her neck, then it was discovered she had fractured two teeth.  Only four days after her teeth extractions (five altogether) she was diagnosed. She had a few good days, but none were 100%.

We have slowly adjusted to life without Madeline, but we miss her. I know she now a beautiful fairy and doesn’t need a costume!

Menia halloween 2019

Good Job Menia!

Menia and me

Menia did her first ever home visit and she was PERFECT.  Since taking a break from rescue a few months ago, we hadn’t done anything other than give supplies and $ to a few local rescues.

MOMA’s, a group from South Carolina that adopts along the east coast, asked us to do a visit for a family in Piney Point who was interested in adopting an 8 week old puppy. (I’ve done visits for them before.)

The puppy they are interested in is a retriever mix, so likely will grow up to be about Menia’s size.

I expected Menia to get into everything as she does at home and the family would think twice about getting a puppy, but instead, she snuggled with the two very nice children and went to sleep!

I can see more home visits in Menia future.